We are thrilled to announce and introduce TWO new candle collections!

First, we have the “Transit Collection”.  As any Chicagoan knows, the trains that run around and through the city connect us all.  They can take you anywhere you need to go. Now, you can bring a little bit of Chicago (and your commute) home with you.  Each color of the train system has it’s own signature fragrance, feel free to collect them all. Now, if only the trains smelled as good as our candles!

Next is the “Time Lord” collection.  Just like the classic TV show these sharp looking candles can stand the test of time (and space).  Hand poured on the planet Gallifrey, this fun and playful collection features some brand new and exciting fragrances.  We have all 12 “Doctors” featured with a candle for each, so pick up your favorite Time Lord or two and display them with pride next to your TARDIS.

We are constantly brainstorming and looking for new designs and ideas.  Is there something you would like to see on a candle?  Let us know and we might be able to come up with something new and different.

As usual, contact us if you have a special request or a special event coming up. Candles make GREAT party favors and we can and will create a special custom label just for you and your event!

Have a happy, healthy and wealthy new year from Second City Candle Co.

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