Happy New Year!!

To help usher in 2017 Second City Candle Co. is offering a BUY 3 and GET ONE FREE candle sale on our two new candle collections.

The “Transit Collection” is a line of candles inspired by the colors of the train lines we ride everyday.  Each colored train line has it’s own distinctive fragrance that we hand picked to go with each color on the spectrum.

The “Time Lord Collection” is based on everyone’s favorite time and space traveling doctor.  Again, each candle has it’s own unique scent and these fragrances are taken straight from the T.V. show.  From Jelly Babies to Jammie Dodgers we brought a distinctive scent and element from each regeneration of the doctor and the show.  A perfect gift for any fan of Sci-Fi.

Our new candle collections are made to be a part of a collection, so pick up a few to do just that!

Use the Promo Code – NY2017 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s to a great 2017!


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