We love scented candles!  They are constantly burning in our homes, filling rooms with warmth and atmosphere.

We love candles so much, we decided to create our own.  After endless months of research and testing, we developed the perfect scented candle.

Each Second City Candle is hand poured in Chicago, IL using all natural Certified Kosher, soy wax made from soybeans grown in the USA. They are made in small batches to ensure we provide the highest quality candle in each and every product.  All of our candles have a long burn time, burn clean and have a superior ‘scent throw’.  The fragrance oils we use are of the highest quality Phthalate FREE, and adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.   Every scent is carefully selected to produce a sophisticated and strong scent that is not overpowering or artificial smelling.  We also feature lead-free all natural cotton wicks.

We have chosen soy wax for our candles for good reason.  There are numerous benefits of a soy candle over the traditional paraffin wax candle:

  • Soy wax is cleaner burning than paraffin wax.  All wax produces some soot but soy wax does not produce the petrol-carbon black soot associated with paraffin candles and emits no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.
  • Soy wax is a sustainable, renewable and natural wax making it environmentally conscious unlike paraffin candles which are made from petroleum.
  • Soy candles burn cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than an equally sized paraffin candle and it will retain its scent evenly throughout its life.  It will not lose its scent half way through like some paraffin candles.
  • Soy wax is naturally biodegradable and water soluble which makes accidental spills easier to clean.
  • Supports American farmers.

We are very proud of our product and can’t wait to share our love of candles with you. So, welcome to our site.  Please look around and find the perfect candle.